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Managing cat bad breath problems

The bad breath problem of cats is one of the signs that indicate an abnormality in the oral cavity, if ignored it may cause the cat to lose teeth, gingivitis and tartar problems that follow. Today, monchou has a way to deal with your bad breath problem. Cat

Brushing your cat’s teeth on a regular basis.
It helps to prevent the occurrence of tartar and reduce bad breath effectively.

Training cats to brush their teeth from a young age This will make it easier for your cat to accept brushing rather than to practice it when he grows up.

Oral health examination
Take your cat to the doctor for oral examination at least 1-2 times a year.


Eat pellet food
This is a simple way to help reduce tartar because the kibble is crispy, which will indirectly stimulate your cat to chew and abrasion. It can reduce the accumulation of limestone to slow down.

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