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Human weekend food that dogs can and cannot eat.

Holidays are a time to get together with the family. Many friends and delicious food Some of the ingredients in your favorite food may be safe for your dog. But some things can be dangerous.

Whether you are thinking Can dogs eat turkey, or are cranberries bad for dogs?

Onions are bad for dogs And other human foods as well.

Condiments, spices, or any ingredients we add to the dish in order to enhance the flavor are bad for dogs Onions are bad for dogs As well as onions Salt and pepper
If you plan to share a dog-safe ingredient. Make sure it’s not flavored. It may sound boring to you, but it will be delicious for your dog.

There are other foods that should be avoided besides seasonings and spices. One of the most popular ones is the honey ham. If you are wondering if dogs can eat ham, the answer is no. Ham contains a lot of salt. And most of the baked hams contain a lot of sugar. Both things are not good for dogs.

You must also keep raisins and other baked foods away from dogs, foods containing xylitol, the artificial sweetener, are toxic. Read all food labels and save them.

Although dogs can not eat onions or other foods mentioned above. There are still many foods that dogs can eat.
Turkey: Yes. Dogs can eat turkey Chicken as well. Give your dog white meat without salt or other seasonings. Do not give the skin or the bone. Bones may sound safe and fun. But it can do harm to your dog.
Green Beans If you think green beans are good for your dog, you are right, you can give them whole raw. Boiled or canned green peas Green peas are great and do not contain oils, spices, or seasonings like salt and other green vegetables, for example. Broccoli or spinach are also safe for dogs. But can cause a lot of gas
Carrots: Besides dogs can eat carrots. Most dogs love to taste and taste. Although dogs can eat raw carrots. You can try having your dog try eating cooked carrots. Green heads of carrots can also be eaten.
Cranberries: There are many different fruits and berries that your dog can eat all year round. Cranberries are popular in various foods and you can share them with your dog. But your dog might not like the tart flavor. Keep sugary cranberry sauce or the like away.
White Potatoes: Yes Dogs can eat mashed potatoes. But must not contain salt, pepper, garlic, milk, butter, etc. as an ingredient The peel of the potato is also bad. Therefore, peel it before cooking or mash it if you plan to feed your dog.
Yams: Dogs can eat mashed sweet potatoes or cooked sweet potatoes. But the advice is the same Is that there must be no flavoring And make sure your dog isn’t eating sweet potatoes that are full of marshmallows and sugar.
Pumpkin: Pumpkin is delicious and a healthy food for dogs. And most of them love the taste when feeding your dog with canned pumpkin. Read the label carefully. You want to avoid canned pumpkin pie with sugar and spices that dogs can’t eat.
Food in moderation
Although dogs can eat the foods mentioned above. Remember that different foods (human food or regular dog food) should only make up 10% of your daily calorie intake, the rest 90% should come from a well-balanced dog food, so don’t give your dog new food either. Although foods like turkey and carrots are safe. New foods at the same time can upset the stomach.

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