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How to get rid of bad breath

Matter of bad breath Not only in people Dogs can also suffer from bad breath as well. This could be caused by many reasons.

Practice brushing teeth for dogs from a young age.
Using a dog-specific toothpaste Will help reduce the problem of bad breath Plus clean white teeth Less limestone as well

Take the dog to scaling
Will help reduce bad breath problem But may not be cured But if your friends are not very comfortable, you can use a dental polishing dessert instead.

Take your dog for a blood test
Try to take them to have a blood test once to find out the cause. Especially the kidney function that can affect your bad breath.

Let the dog eat the right food.
Dogs who eat like humans can have a strong bad breath and lead to a build-up of bacteria in the mouth.

Use oral care products
Mix a solution that helps maintain oral care for your dog. Using a mouth deodorant per cap per 1 cup of water, this method can help reduce bad breath for a long time.

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