Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
In nutrition
What ingredients be compound in monchou pet foods?

Answer : The main ingredients in monchou products produce from the real meat of premium grade and having the essential nutrients for beloved pets such as Zinc, Omega 3 & 6, Taurine , vitamin E, calcium, enzyme, yucca schidigera extract and choline chloride.

Why the real meat that be the first ingredient in pet foods’ formula be the importance?

Answer :  Because the protein source from real meat can give the useful protein including essential amino acids that be the need for beloved cat and dog body for keeping the good health and reduce the risk of disease caused by others raw materials which made from scrap or raw by-product that mixes various seasonings then effect to the pets body.

Production and safety
Who be the producer of pet foods monchou?

Answer : Asian Group Company Limited or Asian Sea Corporation Public Company Limited The Sea Food and Pet Foods Producer for Exporting more than 40 years in Sea Food Line and more than 15 years in Pet Foods Business with the Expertise and Potential who have been certified by  AAFCO and International standard the all of quality, cleanliness and safety under the standards of  HACCP, GMP, BAP, ISO 9000 and  ISO 14000.  Make you can be assured that products under the monchou brand have the safety and be full of values to give your beloved pets.

Are there any nutritionist and veterinary team in monchou or not?

Answer : Products under monchou brand has developed the properly formula together with the expertise teams who have the expert in pet foods besides this company has the veterinaries be our consultants in pets for getting all SKU products to answer every beloved pets and let their every meal be their happy meal.

The experts in team be available to give the consulting or answering questions or not?

Answer :  Monchou brand and all teams be ready to give every consulting in every doubt about products and all your beloved pets’ problems.

What of any monchou formula has been certified the standard of AFFCO?

Answer : Every products under monchou brand got the inspection and has been certified the standard of AAFCO   by separating the wet food products under the Concept  “Functional Complementary” that every pet can eat during the day for receiving the completed nutrients and be correct under the right nutrition and the group of dry food products of formula “Complete” be the main meal for every beloved pets and group of confectionery products or cat licking snacks to let all beloved pets can eat for preventing dehydration and their vitamin supplementing.

Cat food
Wet cat food
Why there are many water in monchou wet pet foods?

Answer : Liquids taste better and make your beloved cat more enjoyable with monchou.

Pellet cat food
The way to use monchou cat food

Answer : Can read instructions on the food label.

Dog food
Wet dog food
Can feed monchou wet dog food to dog in every day or not?

Answer : Our products are safety to usually feed you beloved dog.

To maintain freshness of wet pet food.

Answer : Our products can keep at the room temperature.

Wet pet food formula of Grain free.

Answer : All wet pet food in class of  Advantage+ be Grain free.

Can be heated wet dog food monchou or not?

Answer : Heating food would give a stronger and better smell that would help attract your beloved dog to enjoy eating with monchou

Why the wet dog food monchou be the natural products?

Answer : We select only natural ingredients for monchou

Dog will have digestive problems with wet dog food of monchou or not?

Answer : Changing food properly from your old pet food to be monchou pet food , it will help prevent digestive problems.

Pelleted dog food
Dog food monchou of Adult dog formula, can puppies be fed or not?

Answer : Monchou products, it is designed for all types of dogs so you don’t have to worry in your beloved puppies’ feeding.

Why the food pellets monchou in each pack having the different color?

Answer : Our dry pet feed produced from real Tuna that may have the different color and our pet food products be no food coloring

The way to use dog food monchou?

Answer : It is not good idea to replace all normal dog food be monchou as immediately because changing the food it may give your beloved dog get a stomach ache which  lead to vomiting and later diarrhea.

Pelleted dog food be the Grain free formula or not?

Answer : Our all dry dog food be Grain free.



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