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6 easy ways to train your dog at home

6 easy ways to train your dog at home
Recently, many people have not gone out. Stay at an empty house Try to find activities that do better together with pets. Today we have 6 ways to train your dog according to simple instructions. Get it at home to leave everyone together Maybe after this situation is over, unless you have cooking skills. Planted more trees together. Your dog may be able to follow all of these directions too.
Where are the children, whose children can follow the instructions? Come and show them a little.

Training the dog to sit This is a basic command to make your dog look like a polite puppy. You may need a snack to hold in front of your dog. Then, keep your eyes open and focus on the saying ‘sit’. The dog will learn that sitting is the right thing to do. Every time he sat down, he had to give an award Whether it is a dessert, an act that shows that he is being appreciated. After your dog starts to do this, try this over and over again. Cycle until your dog naturally understands and obeys you.

After being taught to sit Of course, some dogs may sit for a few seconds and then get up again. Sitting to feed the snacks alone would not be enough. Therefore, the next command was ‘Wait’.
When you have successfully used the command to sit with the dog Hold the collar and say the dog’s name followed by ‘Waiting’. Once your dog has started to do so, gradually increase the length of the wait. But be sure to prepare a command like okay! That will make him realize that He was able to move.

Your dog’s crouching commands should be taught after your dog understands the sit-and-wait commands. Because if you want to control his behavior for a longer period of time The crouching command will make him wait for you neatly, and it may even cause him to fall asleep.
The method is when he sits down. To hold snacks by hand Then use the other hand to reach over the dog’s head By facing the palm to the ground, then use the hand holding the snack gradually. Slowly lower your hand to the ground. Close to the dog body When he succeeds, be sure to speak as a signal to let him know that he is doing it right And feed the candy from your hand, repeat it many times.

Call to come
This command must say ‘come’ in a rather heavy tone. Because it is a short word That will make the dog understand quickly. Or you can use food to lure the dogs in. By placing the snacks at the tip of your feet When the dog has walked Point to the dessert After that, your dog will immediately follow you. However, try this command with many Location and don’t forget to compliment them as well

Ask for a hand
Asking for a dog’s hand Can show your friends that How cute and friendly is your dog? Or it will be considered a new acquaintance between your friend and your dog as well. Asking for a hand is like shaking hands.
But the method may be a bit like a prank. Because you will have to pat your hand gently. Go over one foot of the dog and give a simple command, such as asking for a hand.Then you push the dog gently until it loses its feet, and his legs will automatically lift up to take over the holder. You will have to hold the collar to prevent him from falling. And immediately complimented him Keep doing this with the ‘Ask for Hands’ command. Your dog soon understands the meaning.

Came to
Of course, throwing things and having the dog run and carry it back. It’s definitely a fun activity for both people and dogs. Because in addition to having to do activities together It is also a great way to give your dog some exercise. A simple way is to find what your dog likes and throw it away, whether it’s his rotten doll, a ball, or a stick for him to pick up. When he took it but didn’t let go Let us immediately hand over the dessert He started to realize that we did this to play with him. But let’s say that for some breeds that are not mischievous He will rarely do. But if we keep practicing him He will agree to follow us. And definitely enjoy it

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